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'Let It Bleed' (song lyrics) by LisaMarie Carter on February 22, 2018.  © LisaMarie Carter, All rights reserved V) Past pain, old memoriesyou let them drop you to your knees.    Old secrets, jagged scarsyou let them dictate who you are.PreCH) Let the trut
Lisa Marie Carter · 38 days ago


Intro Let's close that old hurtful door Don't knock on it no more Its time we've gotten over What's been buried under clover Let's enjoy what we've been given And live the life we're livin' We don't need to look over What's behind your shoulder Spend you
David Ruzicka · 214 days ago

Intro I must have been - out of my mind Should have never - left you behind Somehow I thought - you'd be in the way I miss you more - each and ev'ry day           L.A. didn't turn out like I'd planned           Now my dreams - lie broken in the sand      
David Ruzicka · 222 days ago

Verse 1 Show me the world revolves around you Show me, show me, can you really show me? Don't give it a second Cause I know it doesn't  but since you test it  It manifested and belted into you Pre- Chorus So show me, so show me How crazy are you? Please sh
Johanna Reyna · 229 days ago

Beware, this is Kpop, so there will be Korean, probably not accurate seeing I used Translate With Korean Characters 네가 줄 알았는데.나를위한 하나그러나 지금너는 내 마음을 아프게했다.스파크가 없다. 너 푸시했다.그리고 당신은 뽑았습니다. Now I’m stone cold Because now I-- I don’t wanna feel Don’t wanna he
Amy Rose · 303 days ago

'Stand and Deliver' (song lyrics) by Lisa Marie Carter on November 9, 2016.  © Lisa Marie Carter, All rights reserved V) When there are doubts, cast them out, those fears that fill your head    Let nothing stop or hold you back; that's what Mama said.Ch)
Lisa Marie Carter · 411 days ago

'Damned If You Do' (song lyrics) by LisaMarie Carter on October 24, 2017.  © LisaMarie Carter, All rights reserved V) Doing penance everyday, for the ones I led astray; and wishing I could forget it all.Innocence* has it's place, that's something I must f
Lisa Marie Carter · 413 days ago

'Inner Demons' (song lyrics) by LisaMarie Carter on December 28, 2017.  © LisaMarie Carter, All rights reserved Spoken Intro) We all have our demons, screaming through our brain;yelling and telling us to come back home again....V) Lost in a hell of my own
Lisa Marie Carter · 413 days ago

Copyright By Joel Lerner   Drop The Needle, Drop The Spoon   Stop sign on the main line Your life's passing you by Keep that junk out of your veins boy Before you have to kiss this world goodbye   Your life force is losing power Your hanging on by a thread
Joel Lerner · 541 days ago
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