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Section One Rejection feels like being dragged underwater I fought so hard for you In my heart I knew the truth   And my heart was never made For enduring so much pain Just because I’m fragile Doesn’t mean that I will break   Bridge Call me a deserter But
Justine Perry · 1047 days ago

Happy never afterV1‘I love you more’ ‘you love me more’ funny that’s how things wereLivin’ in our teenage movie sceneBefore we could even stop to think we’d lost everything in a blinkCos fairytales ain’t always what they seemPre 1A cracked glass slipper th
Noizee Bhoy · 1568 days ago

Another previous co-write written with 2 incredibly talented and Pop orientated co-writers Strike 3(Verse 1)The first time was with the girl next doorWalking collection of high waisted shortsIn my mind I knew where that was gunna leadYou're not the kind of
Noizee Bhoy · 1568 days ago