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I don't wanna be this person anymoreI wanna be somebody elseIf being true yourself comes with a priceSeems I don't have enough to pay Everyday it's raining even where there's sunI am tired of feeling pain inside of my heartI could bathe in teardrops almost
Ewa Byro · 148 days ago

There's no hope for broken angelsThis world doesn't have much to giveNot enough worthy peopleNo worthy place to live Only regretsAnger starting to take controlHidden amounts of venomSlowly poisoning soul Crying is freedom Wrongly pleasurableWhen destroying
Ewa Byro · 148 days ago

Let him be gone It's the best for you darlin'Cause eventually he'll take you downAnd there will be nothing left of you Why won't you just let him beIt's the best for youPack everything he left at yoursAnd just let him leave You will recoverThough it takes
Ewa Byro · 150 days ago

He's more gangsta To fall for you, girlKill it before it's too late Give him allBut stay not too closeThe mess in your headWill only get worse Taste of his lipsYour favourite flavourSoon gonna end upIntoxicated Have you thought it's gonna change?Their hear
Ewa Byro · 150 days ago

Verse 1: I went through every day/ trying to play the game/ wanting to feel loved/ wanted to feel safe/-/ I tried to share my secrets/ my voice I wanted heard/ no one cared to listen/ so I gave up on words/-// Verse2: My body became the show/ running afte
Alexi Dillon · 191 days ago

Chorus: Light is fading from my eyes/ my voice grows heavy with silence/ to all the colors I say goodbye/ solid feet no more to dance/-/heart no red to show anymore/ my strength goes away/ no meaning or purpose/ as my story comes to end/-// Verse 1: Skin a
Alexi Dillon · 191 days ago

[Verse 1]Holding on to memoriesOf when you were still next to meI don't want to ever let them goHolding on to better timesWhen you were still by my sideNo I don't want to ever let you go [Hook]And they say If you love something let it goDarling I've tried
Kozo Pinkwillow · 630 days ago


"Anger and Fear" [Verse]Arm round my waistHand round my neckYou've gone too farNow there's no turning backFrom hereIt's anger and fear You burn and you breakYou tear and you takeYou're careless and rough And it's never enough For youNow I'm black and blue
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1238 days ago

I'm running a little low Running a little low on love I'm running a little low Running low on love I'm just about on empty Since you called my bluff You asked me if I loved you I couldn't look you in the eye You asked me if I loved you I did not reply You
Tim Kierse · 2242 days ago