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If there was only one gift for me,This is the gift that I wish it could be:That everyone’s Christmas would never end.That Christmas would come again and again.The old or the young, the small or the tall,The age or the size doesn’t matter at all.If I could
Ron Gray · 27 days ago

If I could I’d grab a rainbowand put it at your feet,Then all the world would knowthe treasure that I seekAnd everyone could seeWhat you mean to meThat is what I’d do _ if I could.If I could I’d take the lightfrom each and every starAcross the night I’d wr
Ron Gray · 134 days ago


I met her on the street/ near a bar on 68th When she asked me for a light/ as I stepped in from the night She had a flame lit in her eyes/ that awakened hidden fires And her sexy knowing smile/ it burned me with it's guile And I had to have her then/ I jus
Jonathan Kirk · 215 days ago

I was riding through town on a little cooked horse It was trying to find me a much better source But it tripped me down low on a crooked course And though I'm dead where I stand, well, it could be worse And you won't..find..me..here at all.. If..I..move fr
Jonathan Kirk · 215 days ago

'I Bounce Back' (song lyrics) by Lisa Marie Carter on March 30.  © Lisa Marie Carter, All rights reserved V) Tripping down the stairwell of my lifenever gaining footing, never getting it right.Running in circles, running into wallsnever quite getting the
Lisa Marie Carter · 715 days ago

You're a broken beauty In this cruel cruel worldAll it'll ever let you beIs a broken girl You're just a broken girl Having to chooseBetween pride and safety Nothing to lose"No one will ever save me"Nowhere to runNowhere to goYou don't know loveYou don't ha
Kozo Pinkwillow · 888 days ago

Already winked at you at stationThe green-eyed hasty traffic lightAnd ready start the conversationThe wagon wheels in dead of night.And the complete we’re silence keepingOn platform staying, walking we,The carriage third, the place is second...And you are
Xenia D. Davydova · 962 days ago

Lanterns dropping yellow tears,Rain is sprinkling from above.And I whisper, whisper: “Please,Could You verse Your tender love!..”Tell me, tell me of sunset,Of sunrise or weather,How one day we’re gonna met,How we’ve been together.Oh, how difficult it isPar
Xenia D. Davydova · 962 days ago

So fun! There passing by a stranger, He looks like shadow ranger. So fun! He was so heavy-eyedThat's why he did decide That spring already gone!But spring is going on! He will bypass a lot,So what, so what?!But we shall find fortuneAnd key to the success,T
Xenia D. Davydova · 962 days ago
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