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I grew up, but what the matter?!Now I want a younger be.Disbelief in age is better.Why is youth departing me?I will run from myself,Run away.But, "Fall out of love"Never say.What is happened: heart distressing?May be something going wrong?!Walk on paths al
Dannais dde Daneann · 1528 days ago

Blue lanterns stay along the lane.They drop their bleak and lonesome light.And by the snow and by the rain I strive for you with all my might...My soul is blue, heart's making swoon.And on my lashes - drops of dews.But look with hope when sing in croon,Thi
Dannais dde Daneann · 1604 days ago

Around all start shining full of bright rayAnd all water streams is beginning to sing.And all life becomes living with laws of springNow the love, you can’t leave,You can’t leave,You can’t leaveAnywhere, anyway.The love from itself will not one let go,And
Dannais dde Daneann · 1609 days ago

Streetlights dropping yellow tears,Rain is sprinkling from above.And I whisper, whisper: “Please,Could You verse Your tender love!..”Tell me, tell me of sunset,Of sunrise or weather,How one day we’re gonna met,How we’ve been together.Oh, how difficult it i
Dannais dde Daneann · 1609 days ago

V1 Remember when I took your hand We sang together with the band Remember how the stars were bright The love we had was crazy right Came riding in my car at midnight The roof was down the feeling so right I never found a faster freeway And when I’m down I
Angie Kuske · 1981 days ago