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So fun! There passing by a stranger, He looks like shadow ranger. So fun! He was so heavy-eyedThat's why he did decide That spring already gone!But spring is going on! He will bypass a lot,So what, so what?!But we shall find fortuneAnd key to the success,T
Xenia D. Davydova · 973 days ago

1 Intro:  To You :My novel and my poem To you: Your heart is now my home A glaring light of chrome Yes I blaze you from my core! 2 Just the way you hold The atoms in my star My gravity intact No fiction it’s a fact ! Love you just the way you’re told:
shahab shamloo · 1005 days ago

[Chorus] Why do you sell your loveDo you have too much babyToo much or just not enough Why do you sell your love [Verse 1] Where do you go by dayWhen the shadows go homeAnd leave you all alone When the sun comes to playWhere do you go by dayWhen there's no
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1087 days ago

Did you ever see the skies, over oceans so blue Did you ever see the stars, as they moved over you When the day is over, and you lay down in your bed Do you have somebody near you Or did the loneliness choose you instead chorus: Hold on, hold on tight, you
Marcus Bressler · 1153 days ago

Verse 1A blissful rainbow sky, not counting the reasons whyUnequivocal, beyond the exceptionalThe strength of solid years, unsteadying all my fearsWith no unspoken truthsAbiding care abound, for this is the love I foundJust like a cornerstone, a love I can
Geraldine Taylor · 1182 days ago

Verse 1Standing in the middle, just unravelling the riddleWon’t you stay with me a little, I’m lost in timeResolution ever-ready, indecisions never steadyNo I can’t be secondary, just want to make you mineChorusThe essence of courage, with leaves swept awa
Geraldine Taylor · 1182 days ago

Verse 1If love is what you feel and it’s realAuthentic, bona fide, with true appealFrom high to low emotions on the courseAll I’m asking of you, I shall not forceTo reach forever more for your handOnly skies from up above will understandTo walk that open r
Geraldine Taylor · 1182 days ago

Verse 1Two souls complete, let us retreat, to a place where our visions can meetCaptured to stare, none can compare, with true love and war becoming fairWhen forces are real, transcending appealWhen there’s no other love I can feelWith time unaware, castin
Geraldine Taylor · 1182 days ago

Verse 1There is no distance to travel, to cause a divide, between usThere is no towering mountain that we cannot climb to build trustOf moments in time, of which are passing awayYet all the love I possess, grows day after day, yeah ChorusLet’s sail away, b
Geraldine Taylor · 1182 days ago

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