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You'll lie and pretend You'll hate and resent But I will still love you the same You'll try to push me awayBut to me you will stayThat little darling I once gave a name - So hold on to me little darling Wrap your fingers 'round mine when you're afraidOur h
Kozo Pinkwillow · 626 days ago

Smoking stale cigarettes cause they're the only ones leftAfter I quit for you, I did for youGoing out with my friends and getting wasted againNo one to stop me now, keep me from going out - I don't know whether I'm lonely or just aloneI don't know whether
Kozo Pinkwillow · 628 days ago

---Verse---When your brain is yelling at youAnd you think you're going downWhen your tears are threatening To keep on flowing till you drown ---Chorus---I'll hold your head upUntil you can breathe Darling I'll keep you safeTill you swim away from meI'll ho
Kozo Pinkwillow · 636 days ago

I grew up, but what the matter?!Now I want a younger be.Disbelief in age is better.Why is youth departing me?I will run from myself,Run away.But, "Fall out of love"Never say.What is happened: heart distressing?May be something going wrong?!Walk on paths al
Xenia D. Davydova · 645 days ago


I want you For a long time Maybe forever If that's okay If I could hold in the night Maybe forever If it's always this way It could be a fun night We could go on a swan boat ride Feelings that are carnivaleque Blended hearts that cannot resist We watched
Brandon Haygood · 706 days ago

Blue lanterns stay along the lane.They drop their bleak and lonesome light.And by the snow and by the rain I strive for you with all my might...My soul is blue, heart's making swoon.And on my lashes - drops of dews.But look with hope when sing in croon,Thi
Xenia D. Davydova · 721 days ago

The centuries passing on the Earth,And let them pass - we don’t mind.These thoughts have never broken breath.And trace of them cannot be find! There are no tears in the eyes,And we are not afraid of evils.Afraid no thunder in the skies,Resilient we are to
Xenia D. Davydova · 721 days ago

Around all start shining full of bright rayAnd all water streams is beginning to sing.And all life becomes living with laws of springNow the love, you can’t leave,You can’t leave,You can’t leaveAnywhere, anyway.The love from itself will not one let go,And
Xenia D. Davydova · 726 days ago

Already winked at you at stationThe green-eyed hasty traffic lightAnd ready start the conversationThe wagon wheels in dead of night.And the complete we’re silence keepingOn platform staying, walking we,The carriage third, the place is second...And you are
Xenia D. Davydova · 726 days ago
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