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It’s not Christmas without you I don’t know what to do I need you here with me Beside this pretty Christmas tree It doesn’t feel like a holiday Because you are so far away I wish that you were here with me As I stare into the icy snow I make a wish on a mi
Eddie Crowell · 11 days ago

Never thought there would come a day Where I didn’t know which words to say Never thought I would be standing here Looking at you slowly disappear Tell me what`s on your mind Oh do we still have enough time When you say that you`re fine I can see through y
Andreas Holm · 69 days ago

if i was made offire, would you burn yourself tograb onto my soul?if all the world waswater, how long would you holdmy gaze, lungs burning?when all we've becomeis ash in the wind, will yourdust remember mine?and when we are buttrees, gnarled deep in mud, w
Lizzie McLain · 72 days ago

I don't want to changeall the turns I didn't takeStones skipping pastthe watershed break;a kiss in the snowis just a fork in the roadat twenty.Do you press your backto the wall the same time as mine?Do you play cat's cradlewith our string theories intertwi
Lizzie McLain · 72 days ago

All you girls get ready To meet a loving guy Sweeter than a candy bar And mamma’s apple pie   I’m looking for the lady With a loving heart to share Shout it from a mountain-top Then baby I’ll be there   Just tell me that you’re ready And I’ll give you all
jon bek · 72 days ago

Although you’re far away girl I always feel your close For the love we hold between us And because you are my troth   You’re always in my dreams babe And not to far away And when this wait is over I’ll be with you one day   Burn a candle in your window bab
jon bek · 73 days ago

  I was sitting in my living room With nothing much to do Thumbing thru an album With photographs of you   You stopped me with a smile With such a pretty face Though you’ve been gone a while now You still fill my life with grace   Though memories sometimes
jon bek · 73 days ago


I like to walk into the sun  When I find just what I'm looking for I come right down and join everyone. You button me up when I come undone. yes I found you just in time to replace the missing wine in my cup When you're beside me girl there is nothing in
Jason Ferguson · 170 days ago

Looking out my window I see a sad face. Lookin out your window, you see a mad face. We could both get real  Stop concealing the fact we might Not be a match any longer girl. Put down the pills and the booze. This is life not a TV show. Keep yourself safe
Jason Ferguson · 170 days ago
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