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Jesus is a friend of mine  I call Him every day. He will always listen to  What I have to say. He’s always there to pick me up  And catch me when I fall, Best of all, I can call Him any time at all.   He is my God of blessings He fills me with His peace He
Dutch Knickerbocker · 469 days ago

I’m a sinner saved by grace headed for a wondrous place In the sweet forever He will welcome me. I’ll be privileged to go and will be comforted to know That I’m as far away from Hell as I can be.   But at this Sunday morning service, I can hardly catch my
Dutch Knickerbocker · 469 days ago

Blessed Union So long I've waited for your tender touch Never knew I could love somebody so much For you lit a burning fire from deep within Please don't tell me that our love is a sin Can feelyour heart beating next to mine Because we have a love to las
Gary Allen · 590 days ago

This is dedicated to all the beautiful black girls out there....your all Flowers!  Verse So beautiful  She rules the world  Despite the obstacles she hurls  Aint nothin like a black girl  Oh yeah yeah  She’s unappreciated  But she’s also educated  Her h
Aaron HAWKINS · 1276 days ago

When I met you, all former feelingsIn my dead heart became alive.My soul has gained undreamed-of healingsIt wants the golden time revive.Like in the autumn late sometimesIt can be day, it can be flash,Which us returns in spring day primesWhen all was like
Dannais dde Daneann · 1654 days ago

Through midnight dumb, and branches dense.Myriad of stars I see and sense.I hear my heart's the dreamless voice.Should make I now the painful choice.Oh, easy, so,And I can go,Through branches dense and darkest night,Should go through Death,I stop my breath
Dannais dde Daneann · 1654 days ago

Good bye, my Abbey dear and good,Good bye, Thou ancient dome!There where the knights of BrotherhoodKept their kind-hearted home.Oh, You ruins which are so grey,And here like warders` centuries stay…Good bye, Thou dearest Abbey me,Good bye and will be God w
Dannais dde Daneann · 1654 days ago
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