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One mournful day we’ll be gone away  we’ll pass away beyond the devil’s curse. We’ll sigh at our demise  but one thing will be the worst. To stay where we lay  until the final judgment day  and not rising with the angel’s trumpet  into heaven first.   I wi
Dutch Knickerbocker · 3 days ago

Some folks will gather round a wishing well toss a coin and make a wish, for which they’ll never tell. Others will forbear and share with those in need  an open hand to hold on will serve some good indeed.   I know a wishing well but not the one you think
Dutch Knickerbocker · 7 days ago

I’m waiting for the season thoughts will bud and bloom It’s near the time of year when ideas will bud and bloom. They quickly come and go I feel the changes in the air I’ll wait upon the breeze hoping it turns me on soon.   I know the wind is coming by the
Dutch Knickerbocker · 99 days ago

(After hearing President Zelenskyy)   I sleep so well at night each day  and still pop wide awake. For all the joy I sneak up on  my future’s mine to take. If I nod, give me a shake. It's a pleasure that I take. I get that way from time to time and don’t h
Dutch Knickerbocker · 149 days ago

So much is uncertain you can question what’s unsure. Rise above your doubts to capture what you can’t ignore. Rest upon what’s certain and truths on which you’re sure my treasure calls me to endure my Lord, I will endure. Chorus: Of one thing I am sure I w
Dutch Knickerbocker · 204 days ago

I was a dreamer when I was a child fantasies took me and kept me a while. The sweetest thoughts it seems were  dreams I loved to keep though nightmares occasionally would chase me from my sleep.   When peaceful days escaped my sincerest thought, I’d hope a
Dutch Knickerbocker · 204 days ago

Mother Theresa, what do you say? O mother, tell us, “how do you pray?” And when you do, “what is it you say?” “I don’t say anything, I listen,  that's my way.”   “What does the Lord in heaven say unto you? when you are listening, O mother, tell us true!” “
Dutch Knickerbocker · 254 days ago

This once and only first was occasioned long ago. A wonder to the world, a gifted time we hold so dear. Our calendar began back then so all mankind would know How cherished is the birth of Christ we celebrate each year. Tradition tells of trees and bells a
Dutch Knickerbocker · 254 days ago

Some days feel just like Christmas back when I was a child. The gifts that I am showered with stay with me quite a while.   May I be thankful all the more may gratitude exceed those requests I have in store for the things I think I need. Chorus: When I cou
Dutch Knickerbocker · 254 days ago

When the time is in my hand Where I may lay this burden down To redeem the bond of never ending life, I’ll anticipate my fate and Where the rest of peace is found Upon the welcomed day of paradise.   No other name is given Or need for a reprise. He’s the o
Dutch Knickerbocker · 298 days ago
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