Tags - encouragement

Verse)  There’s a battle goin on  I’m in the fight for my life yeah  Keep gettin hit from all sides  Tryin my best to survive  It’s gettin crazy  I’m gettin weak  I don’t know if I can last long  But I just gotta keep on keepin onnn (Hook) I’m a fighter
Aaron HAWKINS · 569 days ago

Interlude Ever since you said goodbye,Days are so hard to pass by.Calamity makes me remind of you,Can only think of the days spent with you. My heart is restless.Can’t stop to hope and rememberAll the past images keep on appearing,Only making me want to go
Chia-Pei Guan · 2026 days ago

You are not alone Lost in your directionDon’t know where to goWherever you goGo with your heart If you have lost it againDon’t worry, sunshine will come againWhere you’ll be able to fly highTo the horizon where your dreams lie Tomorrow will be a better day
Chia-Pei Guan · 2026 days ago