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---Chorus--- Let's run away little girlI'll keep you safe little girl If you just do as I say you'll be okay little girlDont walk away little girl I'll make you pay little girlDon't you know that girls like you ain't got no place in this world ---Verse---
Kozo Pinkwillow · 828 days ago


The seamstress naps on shady days, Faceless on the porch. Reveling in the disheveled: the divine in the whore.   How vividly she knows  There is no permanence here.   How prudently she sows: It’s too late to believe in fear   She leaves the limelight on an
Lorne Svarc · 1035 days ago

I'm not strong enough anymore,
 and I don't know where to begin
 Something else has control of my life,
 and I'm scared to know where it ends I imagine being a martyr
 but there's a problem with that
 I'm not important enough
 for my death to make a differ
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago

-spoken- Maybe I was wrong,
 maybe the Dark Passenger isn't bad
 Maybe she does love me
 and she refuses to show it Maybe she's strong like me,
 refuses to show weakness
 Maybe she's afraid of herself,
 of what she's become Maybe bad things happen to good
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago

Tell me how could you reject me?
 when I only ever loved you 
I was there when nobody else-
 was but then you threw me away Please come back to me,
 you should be with me
 I make you complete,
 don't try to deny what we have 'cuz only I can love you,
 I to
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago

She's worse than I thought,
 she's scared and I'm lost but we're changing,
 we're growing apart
 and what's strange seems
 closest to the heart She's the worm in my head,
 she's the whore in my bed
 She's the symptom and the cure The drug that holds me
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago

but I know I have to be strong 
for everyone I love
 and sometimes it gets so hard and I know everything happens 
for a reason
 but that's a cliche I don't need And when I'm strong,
 I have to hide 
I know its wrong to want to die and sometimes when I have
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago

If I was strong as I should be,
 I could be happy
 without living a lie and maybe somehow they could see
 that I am so weak
 but it doesn't matter And when I'm weak,
 no one wants to help
 And when I'm weak,
 I can finally be myself All that matters is tha
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago

I'm so weak 
I can't leave 
my bed I'm so sore 
I want more
 of that Something to,
 to fix me
 again I'm so low 
I don't know
 the pain I was higher than the sky, 
now I'm lower than the dirt
 I could never feel a thing,
 now all I feel is the hurt I can't
Michael Sanderson · 1168 days ago
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