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TWO OF A KIND By David Ruzicka 7/31/2019 youremyheaven62@gmail.com You said I was born dumb and lazy Half of that's true, but I'm not lazy I've been workin' hard to make you happy Both of us know that you're just crazy On saturday night I went too far Si
David Ruzicka · 1054 days ago

Lovestorm by David Ruzicka 5/1/2019 youremyheaven62@gmail.com (402)292-2844 Intro (Tornado Siren going off, followed by Honky-tonk style piano, drums, then guitars) There's a lady at the bar With some lipstick and perfume Don't let her know you're watchin
David Ruzicka · 1054 days ago

Intro I remember how it was When we first met We were both in college I'll never forget I saw you across the hallway at school I was scared to talk, but you made it cool There was electricity in the air I knew it was love right then and there Once in a lif
David Ruzicka · 1210 days ago

[Verse] She took me by the horns And right there I would've sworn That she'd never set me free She had me in a trance Like I never stood a chance Guess she'll be the death of me Oh yeah I believe That I'll never want to leave --- [Hook] Hey cowgirl won't y
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1421 days ago

                                              Joel Lerner Copyright 5-21-2001                                                       I DON’T EAT BACON (but I’m fond of hogs)   V1 The wind in my hair The bugs in my teeth Zero to Sixty in a hurry I just wanna
Joel Lerner · 1537 days ago

By Joel Lerner Copyright 12-26-17   High School Crush   You’re my partner in time Our love is aging like fine wine As we drift through the years One thing becomes clear   Destiny sure was kind It saw fit to make you mine You’re the margarita to my lime We’
Joel Lerner · 1537 days ago

Chloe has a sister   Chloe has a sister she listens to old Dylan sends postcards of her visions Salida is her home dreams in mountain shadows by rivers fast and narrow finds gems fit for the pharaohs the wind plays out her song           oh, I’m hanging ou
Jack Za · 1625 days ago

A frog may have a tongue but it can’t recite a blessingAnd I can kiss your lips, but you know we’re just messing-around… Chorus:It's no disgrace to be poor but it might as well beI'd unlock your heart but I can't afford the key 
Lorne Svarc · 1773 days ago

I’ve been running coin since the rush began Made friends with the boys down the river and the pistols in their hands   My wife never came westward And now she’s with another man He takes care of my children Together they work my land   Well I never liked t
Lorne Svarc · 1773 days ago

Where were you? When I was out there on my own Trying not to feel alone Looking for a place called home Where were you? Back when I could use some love Or some help from up above Or just simple human touch   Where were you? Oh yeah Where were you?   Where
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1774 days ago
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