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[Solo, singing and playing guitar] My Momma was a choir girl, named Chastity Mann There was a travelling preacher, of whom she was a fan Though she were named Chastity, that turned out all wrong Cos’ that abstinent preacher stayed inside her too long   Cha
Michael Gibling · 213 days ago

They tell me you’re the right man For the wrong job   (Chorus) Two sheets to the wind Two sheets to the wind Two sheets to the wind   A hurricane force in a china shop Hell you’ll never fit in Two sheets to the wind Two sheets to the wind   (Bridge I) I be
Glenn Evans · 213 days ago

Some worry bout the devil on the doorstep Some worry for the rats in the race Some worry if their team’s gonna win tonight Some worry bout getting egg on their face   My fears are not of the things that happen bad every day I’m not afraid of something, som
Glenn Evans · 213 days ago

Gonna cancel-culture everything Burn the house and toss the ring Disconnect from the constant ping Of my wayward ways   Sure gotta fall to fall to fall to up and get better Sure I’ve been around enough to know the clown inside Just remember when tearing me
Glenn Evans · 213 days ago

Intro I was sitting in my pickup truck, When my baby called to say,Hey, hey, hey,She was on her merry way. My heart was a-poundin’,In the third degree,I hadn’t seen my baby,Since she moved to Tennessee. With her looks and her actions,She’s the main attract
John Stuchell · 283 days ago


This isn’t what it looks like Mama I promise you it isn’t what you think It must have been my sister and her boyfriend  Who went and finished all the drink   This isn’t what it looks like Mister Oh Meter Man, don’t really need a fine You’re doin’ a damn fi
Rik Edwards · 628 days ago

Your birthday fiddle filled the air In nineteen twenty-five, Your broadcast sent the signal out Country is alive, With iron wills and steel guitars They traveled to your door, From orange blossom country To the wide Pacific shore.   Your grand ole walls Se
Dennis Goodwin · 655 days ago

Time will never wash away The sweet dreams Patsy cried, Or tear apart the cheatin' heart That tore Hank up inside, Like all the rest who played their songs On midday music shows, They carved their notch in history On country radio.   From the Louisiana Hay
Dennis Goodwin · 658 days ago

I saw you hide a little smile When we first came around, I'll bet you wonder how those bumpkins Found their way to town, I'll be the first to testify What you already know, That out there in the country We are all a little slow.   Yes out there in the coun
Dennis Goodwin · 661 days ago
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