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Rainbows To Paint He was sittin’ in a corner when I came into the room Playin’ chords and singin’ an unfamiliar tune As I sat down to listen Each word he sang rang true All the hurt my heart was feelin’ Seemed like he knew He sang about an angel St
Jack Teeter · 47 days ago


I have music for this ditty already, which I'll put out there later, but wanted to see if anyone saw room for improvement with the lyric. [VERSE 1]   His steel toe pressed down to the floor of his nineteen-ninety seven Ford                His eyes were fix
Eric Larson · 81 days ago

'Regret is Like Sunday Mornings' (song lyrics) by LisaMarie Carter on November 29, 2016.  © LisaMarie Carter, All rights reserved V) It's the red light that you blow throughbefore you see the cop in your rearview.V) It's the taste of your last, last cigare
Lisa Marie Carter · 104 days ago

The rain’s really coming down Wasn’t expecting to be here now My car’s parked right outside Probably should say good night But every time I try to leave You do that thing to me Sure I’ll have one more beer But then I’m out of here   CHORUS And he says, it’
Alyssa Jacklin · 104 days ago

We Want Who We Want   Used to be stubborn, strong-willed to a fault Set in my ways, high above it all But the first time that I laid eyes on you No denying, no hiding the truth   CHORUS We want who we want, we need what we need  No matter how far we come i
Alyssa Jacklin · 104 days ago

Dance With The Devil   You only want me cause I’m fun to break I know you’re just a big mistake Maybe I’m stupid for playing along When I know that this is wrong   Feels like I can’t escape But your pleasure is worth the pain Maybe I’m just a masochist Cau
Alyssa Jacklin · 104 days ago

A Thousand Miles To Go by David Allen Ruzicka My job keeps me away from home But no matter where I may roam My love for you runs deeper than the roots Beneath the tallest trees At night when I think of you I wonder what else can I do The road's where I
David Ruzicka · 120 days ago

TWO OF A KIND By David Ruzicka 7/31/2019 youremyheaven62@gmail.com You said I was born dumb and lazy Half of that's true, but I'm not lazy I've been workin' hard to make you happy Both of us know that you're just crazy On saturday night I went too far Si
David Ruzicka · 120 days ago

Lovestorm by David Ruzicka 5/1/2019 youremyheaven62@gmail.com (402)292-2844 Intro (Tornado Siren going off, followed by Honky-tonk style piano, drums, then guitars) There's a lady at the bar With some lipstick and perfume Don't let her know you're watchin
David Ruzicka · 120 days ago
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