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‘Twas back in eighteen sixty-one when Wilmer found the war Where only peaceful shocks of corn had stood the day before, That Civil War ignited on his old Manassas farm Then Wilmer packed his family up and moved away from harm.   So Wilmer left Manassas and
Dennis Goodwin · 609 days ago

The word was out in Washington There's gonna to be a fight, So they headed out to watch it In the middle of the night, They came in gowns with parasols And suits with walking canes, To cheer their boys to vict'ry in The army's first campaign.   Those south
Dennis Goodwin · 610 days ago

A saving angel came to earth In eighteen twenty-one, Born on a frigid Christmas day With so much to be done, Her angel wings grew stronger As she practiced how to soar, Then she flew into the flames Of the bloody Civil War.   The battlefield angel Flew rig
Dennis Goodwin · 612 days ago

Time has washed the bloody decks And rusted out the chains, Yet on the tongues of sailing men The legend still remains, About that brutal mutiny The worst they ever had, Just four days out of Cuba On the schooner, Amistad.   And the mutiny on the Amistad C
Dennis Goodwin · 612 days ago

On April twelfth in sixty-one Off Carolina's shore, A silent early morning Would be silent nevermore, The balconies of Charleston Filled up that fiery night, To raise a hearty toast To the dawning of the fight.   And somewhere in the living past The frozen
Dennis Goodwin · 612 days ago

  When our nation tore apart and war began to rage Golden-hearted angels flew across the battle stage, Inside the homes and churches, with their tattered carpet bags Dispensing tender mercies, beneath the yellow flags.   Beneath the yellow flags in that br
Dennis Goodwin · 613 days ago

Children play London Bridge up on Cemetery Ridge Where cannon smoke once washed away the sun, And their laughter once again, over by the Devil’s Den Covers up the ghostly echoes of the powder and the gun.   And the spirits of the soldiers can’t express The
Dennis Goodwin · 615 days ago

Outside their classroom windows Back in nineteen fifty-seven, The students saw the members Of the Arkansas Guard, Surrounding birds and flowers Underneath the stately maples, Three-hundred-fifty soldiers Watched that schoolhouse yard.   On that schoolhouse
Dennis Goodwin · 616 days ago

Your fire monster slithered through Atlanta’s streets last night It’s flaming tongue destroyed every timber left in sight, I heard your soldiers cursing, then I heard my fam’ly pray And somewhere in the distance I heard cheerful music play.   Tell me, Mist
Dennis Goodwin · 616 days ago