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                                              Joel Lerner Copyright 5-21-2001                                                       I DON’T EAT BACON (but I’m fond of hogs)   V1 The wind in my hair The bugs in my teeth Zero to Sixty in a hurry I just wanna
Joel Lerner · 481 days ago

                                             Joel Lerner Copyright 2-9-2001                                                BORN TO PLAY THE BLUES   V1 When I was a boy growin up amongst the corn My mama said she cried tears of joy on the day that I was bor
Joel Lerner · 481 days ago

It’s The Blues You’ve Been Missin Copyright 2009 by Joel Lerner   V1- I met a woman        She’d never heard the blues        She had a big mansion        And wore diamond studded shoes   V2- We came from different sides         Different sides of the trac
Joel Lerner · 481 days ago

Blue lanterns stay along the lane.They drop their bleak and lonesome light.And by the snow and by the rain I strive for you with all my might...My soul is blue, heart's making swoon.And on my lashes - drops of dews.But look with hope when sing in croon,Thi
Xenia D. Davydova · 593 days ago




Section One Rejection feels like being dragged underwater I fought so hard for you In my heart I knew the truth   And my heart was never made For enduring so much pain Just because I’m fragile Doesn’t mean that I will break   Bridge Call me a deserter But
Justine Perry · 759 days ago

C’Ville   White knights and torches  come to save the bronze  of Robert E. Lee   Black helmets and bitter forces  come to exalt the right to  turn flagpoles into spears   Bridge: Were you there on that day? How could anyone look away, We were all there tha
Bob Comenole · 765 days ago

Only One Way Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Jesus died on the cross For you and for me. There's no other way. Only one way. There's only one way to Heaven. One way to eternal life. For all have sin.. There is a Redeemer. Jesus Christ of Calvary. There's n
Larry Killam · 959 days ago
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