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The sun’s barely up when it starts going down, The frost and dampness cling everywhere. It's not so far to get to the mountains; One day's drive, I'd already be there.     I come home from work, tired and achy Our place is messy and the couch has a tear. I
Sharon Lu · 258 days ago

Pretty bird on a branch. Are you listening to my song? Sun is glistening off the water. 'We're both far away from home. Are you safe from the fire? Does the air that you breathe feed your soul and keep you flying? Stay and rest up in the trees. Pretty bir
Jason Ferguson · 823 days ago

I have music for this ditty already, which I'll put out there later, but wanted to see if anyone saw room for improvement with the lyric. [VERSE 1]   His steel toe pressed down to the floor of his nineteen-ninety seven Ford                His eyes were fix
Eric Larson · 1014 days ago

Flavien Beaucassin · 1045 days ago

Intro Let's close that old hurtful door Don't knock on it no more Its time we've gotten over What's been buried under clover Let's enjoy what we've been given And live the life we're livin' We don't need to look over What's behind your shoulder Spend you
David Ruzicka · 1210 days ago

Intro I must have been - out of my mind Should have never - left you behind Somehow I thought - you'd be in the way I miss you more - each and ev'ry day           L.A. didn't turn out like I'd planned           Now my dreams - lie broken in the sand      
David Ruzicka · 1219 days ago

Verse)  There’s a battle goin on  I’m in the fight for my life yeah  Keep gettin hit from all sides  Tryin my best to survive  It’s gettin crazy  I’m gettin weak  I don’t know if I can last long  But I just gotta keep on keepin onnn (Hook) I’m a fighter
Aaron HAWKINS · 1262 days ago

Here I Am  (Verse) You said you would wait for me  No matter how long it takes  But that was 10 years ago In that time I made lots of mistakes  The fire burns then is goes out  I'm sitting here tryna figure it out  Why can't I keep a man  What this all a
Aaron HAWKINS · 1280 days ago

  My dream A constant vision in my... head Something~ I wish to be a mem-mor-ree How can it be~ That my family won’t Believe in me   I wish Upon a star Wherever you are My dream That you will come to me Because for so many years I’ve always I just Wish I c
Amy Rose · 1299 days ago

Bruce Springsteen's on the radio And it's nineteen -eighty-four There's and actor in the White House A man you can't ignore Over in the Soviet Union The country comes alive To the noise of a new leader And it's nineteen-eight-five He's charismatic and he
Ian Tuton · 1651 days ago
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