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The centuries passing on the Earth,And let them pass - we don’t mind.These thoughts have never broken breath.And trace of them cannot be find! There are no tears in the eyes,And we are not afraid of evils.Afraid no thunder in the skies,Resilient we are to
Dannais dde Daneann · 1603 days ago

You and me are distant dreamers Or so the others say  Searching for the truth between us To set us on our way Until the day that truth unfolds Between us we have found A sanctuary of solitude A private dreaming ground  A world only for the wisest here  No
katie Houghton · 1982 days ago

I think the angels heard us talking  That gloomy winters day  When everything slowed in motion  I'm sure they heard us say   Where do we go from here  Do we need to say goodbye  I'm holding on to heaven here I can see it in your eyes You may not have said
katie Houghton · 1982 days ago