Tags - a true story of the 1980\'s in folk/ballad form

My father grew up working, on a two-bit farm At 12 year old, a long day, then sleeping in a barn Those early years were desperate, when work was hard to find But good old Mr. Tucker, was the easy-going kind   At such a young and tender age a boy, became a
jon bek · 43 days ago

I want my heart to feel again Without the hurt without the pain When sunshine made the flowers bloom And songbirds sang their mating tune   When I lived my life without a care My hardest task was what to wear But now I’ve shed that ball and chain I want my
jon bek · 44 days ago

When you lose a loved one Life can seem unreal Like living in a dream world With wounds that just won’t heal   The sanctuary of loneliness Is sometimes hard to bear But everyone at some time Will pay a visit there   No one gets a free ride Life will drive
jon bek · 62 days ago

He goes where no one else goes been where no ones been He’s seen so many bad things That no one else has seen   He lives where no one else can On the edge of time His life they say is precious And to die would be a crime   He’s no policeman nor a scholar C
jon bek · 62 days ago

The sun may lose its heat When the stars all fail to shine And the winds will cease to blow It’s just a matter of time   We take all this earth can give When will the taking end Cause we can never put it back It’s why this land will never mend   I feel the
jon bek · 74 days ago

There’s no place to hide in combat Close quarter fighting hand and knife The best to hope for in the trenches Was to leave there with your life   With bombs and gunfire never ending Burning flesh and screams of pain All day long I see men dying And deep pa
jon bek · 74 days ago

I saw this girl come walking Down the street today She stopped and looked right at me Then hurried on her way   She headed for the station To catch the midday train Our eyes locking for that moment But I didn’t get her name   Now my mind is in a turmoil He
jon bek · 75 days ago

Sometimes I hung with Jesse J And making love was kind of wild But I came down to earth one day Heard Jesse was with child   Her pappy was a mean old cuss That’s what the people said I can’t remember one more time When I wished that I were dead   Well bud
jon bek · 75 days ago

Growing up I was on my own No family ties or family home But I don’t let things get me down Cause I’ve got both feet on the ground   But life has got a cruel side When people talk and hurt your pride Your heart can grow as cold as stone When your living li
jon bek · 79 days ago

    I got hooked on Heroin Way way back a spell If you wonna hang with me girl Then welcome to my hell   But god it’s been so long now So, I’ll make this vow I’m gonna take my life back And tame that horse somehow   I’m gonna leave the reservation It’s tim
jon bek · 83 days ago
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