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Somebody Caught Me(Jimmy Swaggart style song) My life was sinking and out of controlI was losing the battle to keep my own soulI thought I was living like everyone elseAnd felt I could make it all by myself The hole in my heart I worked hard to fillBut ple
Stan Simons · 914 days ago

Fresh Anointing I heard Your Spirit move oh LordDown in Baton RougeAnd it stirred me deep withinTill I longed for it too!You said these days would surely comeWhen man's evil would grow greatBut I know You'll soon return Lord...And that You're never late! I
Stan Simons · 914 days ago

Which Side Will You Be On? The rich man planned bigger barnsAnd thought his soul was fedBut God said you're a fool And by morning you'll be dead!For you can gain wealth my friend Until you have it allBut on which side will you be foundWhen the reaper comes
Stan Simons · 914 days ago

Gonna Well I'm going on a tear, gonna have some fun!Gonna shout, gonna praise, till His kingdom comes!Gonna sing, gonna dance, gonna have a fit!Gonna go to the spout where the glory pours out!Gonna praiseGonna praiseGonna praise...My King! Happy is as happ
Stan Simons · 914 days ago

Will you Have Mercy on Me ( Gospel) Vivian Lone Copy Right 12/15/2017   Lord Can you hear me now Lord Can you hear me now Even when I pray on my knees Will you have Mercy on me   Even in the darkest days And the darkest nights I can feel your soul         
VIVIAN LONE · 1018 days ago


(V1)  I've been broken down many times Seeking out dollars Only finding dimes Those weren't the best Nor the worst of times (2) I've lived in grief I've played for keeps No no holds barred Cause I was weak Weak to sin With a strong man's core I let the dev
Frankie Coleman · 1272 days ago
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