Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

"What U Didn't Know" Verse   (Hey) I remember on Monday morning. You were standing on the other side of the room and you looked at me with bright blue eyes . I couldn't help but to feel my heart warm up. It was like we were meant to be and when I touch
thomas gomez · 776 days ago

Verse 1 Them boys have to talk all day but I'm getting bored already is that your car outside lets just go  for a ride I don't want to listen to your talking. You talk way too much (oh) why do all of you boys always talk to much (yeah) Chorus 1 Blah Blah
thomas gomez · 1255 days ago

Verse 1 If beauty and the beast can find  their true love then I think we can  make a change you tell me to act my age  even though you got a kid at heart. Your voice makes me more at home  Your the one I want that shines down On my day  (Yeah) shines down
thomas gomez · 1257 days ago

Verse 1 as the storm comes crashing down  as I stay in my hotel room wishing that we could have  worked it out I miss your touch on my skin I miss your lips on my lips I miss our (yeah) I miss our love (yeah) I miss our love (yeah) I miss our great love (y
thomas gomez · 1258 days ago

verse 1 Change my mind and change the tone. Don't let me fall down just hold my hand and help me up from the ground my scars make a monster but you tell me don't worry I got you as well as saying my scars are beautIful (no) It's just you and I that is beau
thomas gomez · 1258 days ago

Verse 1 (30 seconds of beat)Some Nights are crazy sometimes I feel like scream (ah baby) Some Nights are crazy sometimes I feel like scream (ah baby) When it's dark outside I want to see the light (oh no) some dream are scary (oh)  I can feel my brain gett
thomas gomez · 1258 days ago