Incomplete Lyrics

Verse 1 I know every turn that leads to your door And I can't help but feel like I've been there before I know your smile of that I'm assured But I must admit I've got no idea Of what it's for Prechorus And I think you know There's something I can't tell y
Tate-Madison Bell · 717 days ago

Verso 1 Cuanto tiempo he pasado a tu lado (How long I've been at your side) Cuanto tiempo te había esperado (How long I've been waiting for you) Recuerdo esos días después de cole (I remember those days after school) Jugando afuera hasta el anochecer (Play
Tate-Madison Bell · 717 days ago

Verse 1 Paper dolls left on the floor and Drinking lemonade on the front porch Never have I seen a scary movie before You dry my tears And I couldn't ask for anything more Chorus 1 I'm sitting on the couch and sifting through the photo box I wanna capture
Tate-Madison Bell · 717 days ago