Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

All the Joy birds criticize, the glare and spite that fill my eyes
 A constant haunting silhouette, sits patiently within the net
 The backwards path that follows me, cannot fulfill, it cannot see
 I'm just the way it has to be, I guess I'm super HAPPY

Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

If ever you're pushed to the outermost edge, or the stress and fatigue are demanding controlIf you take a deep breath and it has no effect, and the constant commotion has restricted your soulI'm here to eradicate all of this strife, to capture and vanquish
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

A natural process to provide insulation I take the job as your personal "reaction formation"  Always in shadow and immune to the grim I will safeguard your life like my own phantom limb  I'll be your Wraith of Shade To keep you safe from harm While my appe
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

Providing protection from the disinfection preventing recollection 
Cancels out the racket while confined to my blue-lined jacket

 Big thick padding containing softer matting stops my frown from gladding 
Closes up the bracket keeping me inside my blue-li
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

Silence barges past the crowds And brings along an array of clouds To drown out the hectic busy commotion  Within the clouded moist-filled mist Resides a heavy painful bliss That repels the constant clutter of a true emotion  Chorus: There's a certain veno
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

Swirling while turning amongst darkness and silence I was always attracted to anger and violence Constrained and blockaded, my mind ever narrow My loneliness taking the path of the scarecrow  It seemed as if silence was louder than ever That the shadows wo
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

Spiraling deeper and darker into chaos, hydro-planing across the righteous path of despair Unraveling within the unguarded, which mysteriously leads to the murky beware The Angel of Death watches over, from the platform enshrouded in mist Lurking beneath s
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

Several devils ceremoniously serenade over decrepit decaying corpses  in my sugar-coated graveyard  Pandemonium ensues as pretty flowers sway graciously to hide the putrid stench of death  in my sugar-coated graveyard  Gothic ghouls sing somber tones delig
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

So allow me to present myself in a way that will intrude
 I assure you that I really am a swell and awesome dude 
I insist you let me instigate my simple gloomy plan 
I only need to feed, absorb, take everything I can

 The name is Bleak, I cannot speak, I
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago

Maintain the right appearance to exude a happy clearanceContain the deep dark sorrow to let no one know tomorrowRefrain from letting loose to prevent the mental abuse(Chorus:)That's why I need to maintain, contain and refrainThe problem is here in my brain
Brent Johnson · 673 days ago