Complete Song (Music + Lyrics)

Nobody Can Win   Verse 1: Your eyes looking to the sky Do you see me Do you see me die this first death and get up again die a little death and here I am Your words are suppressed within Confession rises Somewhere inside of the din Feel the bones break ins
kat werlin · 1277 days ago

Home is You (A Soldier's Song) You are the water When I’m thirsty for rain You are the medicine When I’m racked with pain You are the sun  When I can't see the sky You are the answer When the reason is lost And no one knows why   And I keep running home to
kat werlin · 1278 days ago

Verse 1 I like the way you make me feel When you crawl into my mind Yeah I I like your smile You don’t have to try you just light up my sky Every time                        Every single time   You’re drawing me closer Like the moon and sea You’re are an
kat werlin · 1278 days ago

Verse 1 The older I get I know All these days are heaven sent I thought I was a buyer But I am just here to rent   I closed the bible And turned down the road alone I staged a revival to carry my song all the way home   Chorus There's nothing to fear now L
kat werlin · 1278 days ago

Verse 1 In the morning I see you and it was messing with my head Well I guess you finally found another fool to love instead, well you Came on like glitter in a bittersweet pill And I was just another customer with a soul left to kill Hey Hey   Baby When I
kat werlin · 1278 days ago