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Born To Be What I Want To Be Copyright Joel Lerner 11-7-12   Have you ever searched for hope with a microscope? Have you ever crashed the Vatican to see the Pope? Have you ever reached down in your heart and soul? And if you did when done did you fill the
Joel Lerner · 806 days ago

Joel Lerner Copyright 2-24-16 at 11:40 pm   He Reminds Me To Breath         Life's not always easy Sometimes it gets damn hard Just when you think you've turned a corner You regret letting down your guard   When it all gets to be too much He's there to len
Joel Lerner · 806 days ago

Joel Lerner Copyright 1997   Ghettoized   Spoken Intro Here in this urban hell, dreams shatter like wafer thin panes of glass. The blood soaked streets call the new jacks out into the darkness. And as they take that step they move further and further from
Joel Lerner · 806 days ago
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