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                                              Joel Lerner Copyright 5-21-2001                                                       I DON’T EAT BACON (but I’m fond of hogs)   V1 The wind in my hair The bugs in my teeth Zero to Sixty in a hurry I just wanna
Joel Lerner · 733 days ago

                                             Joel Lerner Copyright 2-9-2001                                                BORN TO PLAY THE BLUES   V1 When I was a boy growin up amongst the corn My mama said she cried tears of joy on the day that I was bor
Joel Lerner · 733 days ago

It’s The Blues You’ve Been Missin Copyright 2009 by Joel Lerner   V1- I met a woman        She’d never heard the blues        She had a big mansion        And wore diamond studded shoes   V2- We came from different sides         Different sides of the trac
Joel Lerner · 733 days ago

By Joel Lerner Copyright 12-26-17   High School Crush   You’re my partner in time Our love is aging like fine wine As we drift through the years One thing becomes clear   Destiny sure was kind It saw fit to make you mine You’re the margarita to my lime We’
Joel Lerner · 734 days ago