Complete Song (Music + Lyrics)

Verse 1Whether I’m young or old, there’s a story to be toldWell above any claim to beautifyIf there’s a wrong or right, there’s always a goal in sightLet my perspective overrideChorusIt’s time to take control, let every book unfoldIt’s my worth to make my
Geraldine Taylor · 1095 days ago

Verse 1In times of jubilation, with merriment of cheerWith joyful moments passing, to whom I shall revereOf all the shades of wonder, devoid of any doubtWith miracles of splendour, of times never withoutChorusI will praise my God, I will praise his nameI w
Geraldine Taylor · 1095 days ago

IntroWhen there’s nothing to lose, but everything to gainA journey moving forward, never the same againTo look beyond the shadows, towards a ray of lightJust embrace the midnight, the stars come out at nightVerse 1There’s nothing to prove, follow authentic
Geraldine Taylor · 1095 days ago