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From what I know of choices, from the chances that were mine, I always picked what fit me best, what suit me at the time. I’m so jelly and so envious you’re playing tricks on me. I’m getting old while you are still  as young and lovely as can be.   If time
Dutch Knickerbocker · 161 days ago

Having one more chance to begin again is your sincere hope, my homeless friend. As you’re wandering on the streets unsatisfied with any place to be.   How I’ve escaped your place I call amazing grace. Your desire to be alone is not much different than my o
Dutch Knickerbocker · 267 days ago

There was once a man who walked upon the earth with good news of a greater joy than any one of us is worth. His torture and His murder like a thief upon a cross were the wages of iniquity, our Savior paid the cost.   Then He rose up, He rose up, He rose up
Dutch Knickerbocker · 332 days ago

I wandered in a wilderness A winterland too vast For any wanderer to witness or recall from his past. A thousand lifetimes would expire exploring all the ways One would spend his life and times exhausting all his days. Now I venture out no more Old wanderl
Dutch Knickerbocker · 337 days ago

I hope you don’t mind I’ll sit down next to you we don’t have to talk or even lift a smile. A pleasant sometime spent with a lovely one as you let me feel you are my dear a near and little while. When I lull before the comfort of the night I’ll reflect upo
Dutch Knickerbocker · 337 days ago

Popcorn will kick and spill out quick those kernels wait in turn. Some change and re-arrange and split those left behind will sit and burn. See how complex this old world gets as you wander from home. You’ll lose your way but no regrets there’s no
Dutch Knickerbocker · 337 days ago

I’m a jigsaw puzzle  and I’m scattered on the floor I’m a jigsaw puzzle  lying tattered on the floor. If you’re going to leave me hang around,  please, don’t step on me no more.   When you’re stepping on my pieces  I lose my self-control, I find arrows in
Dutch Knickerbocker · 337 days ago

Hard are the times when dreams become untrue bouquets of tears fill the eyes as blossoms fill with dew. The sought-after pictures are the thoughts that picture you. You’re a passing dream that has happened to come true.  I don’t know about today time loves
Dutch Knickerbocker · 426 days ago

The most beautiful sight in this world is the smile on a newborn boy or girl. With a remnant of heaven upon their face and the wondering why they ever left that place. But here you are, and how you grow a living perfection from head to toe. When nothing le
Dutch Knickerbocker · 426 days ago

Now that all the young men wear sneakers one thing is for sure. No one’s going downtown to get a shoeshine anymore. Some truths are better taken as given  simply, as up and down. Why wrestle which one is which in the battle of the lost and found?   So many
Dutch Knickerbocker · 426 days ago
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