Tags - love song

All you girls get ready To meet a loving guy Sweeter than a candy bar And mamma’s apple pie   I’m looking for the lady With a loving heart to share Shout it from a mountain-top Then baby I’ll be there   Just tell me that you’re ready And I’ll give you all
jon bek · 64 days ago

Although you’re far away girl I always feel your close For the love we hold between us And because you are my troth   You’re always in my dreams babe And not to far away And when this wait is over I’ll be with you one day   Burn a candle in your window bab
jon bek · 65 days ago

  I was sitting in my living room With nothing much to do Thumbing thru an album With photographs of you   You stopped me with a smile With such a pretty face Though you’ve been gone a while now You still fill my life with grace   Though memories sometimes
jon bek · 65 days ago

Christmas is for children And Mr snowman plays his part They dress him up as Santa And stand him in the yard   They build one up as Rudolph And he pulls a giant sleigh So Santa and his reindeer Are there on Christmas day   Let Christmas day be wonderful Le
jon bek · 90 days ago

Once upon a dream I had One snowy Christmas Eve All my thoughts would come to life If I could just believe   There were fairies riding reindeer Through the winter skies Over snow clad mountain tops Where the golden eagle fly's   Santa’s fairy helpers Take
jon bek · 100 days ago