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Happiness is when a friend,Meeting a friend by an accident,Like in the darkness so blind,Shining the star, he would find.Only to make a foot step,One step to the meeting,One step to the meeting,An only foot step,An only foot step.One step to the meeting,On
Dannais dde Daneann · 1864 days ago

Blue lanterns stay along the lane.They drop their bleak and lonesome light.And by the snow and by the rainĀ I strive for you with all my might...My soul is blue, heart's making swoon.And on my lashes - drops of dews.But look with hope when sing in croon,Thi
Dannais dde Daneann · 1940 days ago

When I met you, all former feelingsIn my dead heart became alive.My soul has gained undreamed-of healingsIt wants the golden time revive.Like in the autumn late sometimesIt can be day, it can be flash,Which us returns in spring day primesWhen all was like
Dannais dde Daneann · 1945 days ago