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It doesn't matter who you are Or where you're from It doesn't matter where you're going Or what's been and gone Who cares what background Whether rich or poot Don't worry about what religion  Or if you're really not sure  Cause this is your history bor
Ian Clark · 164 days ago

What is going on in the world todaywe're so dividedand undecided can anybody come and stop the decayit's so one sidedyou just cant hide it have we all come just to play the gamewith the closed mindedand short sighted can we stop the rot and find a better w
Ian Clark · 728 days ago

You may be going alongyour merry waythinking about what you wantto do and say you may be living your lifeday by daybrushing asidewhatever gets in your way taking everythingin your stridetaking what comes alongfor an easy ride cause when nothing else matter
Ian Clark · 799 days ago

If only we could look inside ourselvesto see whats going onwe'd see another worldrighting all the wrongs if only we could see insideat all the moving partswe'd know we couldn't functionwithout out beating hearts we're all walking miraclesso precious in eve
Ian Clark · 799 days ago

No good stirring up the mudto get you through the daytry to move on thingsthat get in the way don't go raking in the pastwith a fine tooth combsometimes you must clear outto make a little room for the things that matteras you walk your pathto find out who
Ian Clark · 799 days ago

these are strange times we're all living in sometimes it feels like the world is giving in never seen such strange times we're playing in we've got to keep our heads when our heads go for a spin like a rocket spiralling out of control who knows where th
Ian Clark · 822 days ago

He tells you what to doWhere to goJust how muchYou need to show He tells you where you areWhere you’ve beenWhat you canSee or not be seen Your silent partnerSitting on your shoulderMaking your worldA little colder Your silent partnerHolding both your hands
Ian Clark · 897 days ago

when did the penny drop when did the bubble began to pop time out on the whole affair on the times we used to share nothing ever seems to last things started moving far too fast all of the good things in life they say have to go away laying cards on the t
Ian Clark · 897 days ago

It’s the little things you doThat blows me awayLike a certain lookYou throw my way Just the little things you doReaches me insideJust the way you smileEases my worried mind Lifting the moodWhen I feel downKeeping my feetFirmly on the ground You know there’
Ian Clark · 912 days ago

What do you want from me What do you need from me How can I help you get to where You have to be What is your plan for me What do you think of me Is there something I can do To set you free You've held your hands around my neck For as long, as my eyes can
Ian Clark · 912 days ago
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