Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

Unless you're lookingThen you won't findRepetitions Are from your mind Hard then to stay dryWhen roofs have holesWithout petrol Car wheels won't roll Without foundations The house will fallspanner won't turnWasher's too small Pre-chorusRound in circlesRepe
Christopher Castle · 1057 days ago

You’re a creature of your own habit You lap up change when your grab it I need that trait in my life To ease my sensitive side And eyes with tendencies to cry Those gestures make you seem right Kiss and make up after fights Drink while we talk all night Sp
Christopher Castle · 1077 days ago

Clouds are forming Bringing a storm in This is our warning   Starting to look like rain Starting to look like rain   Turbulent times Affecting our lives When it arrives the strong survive   Bad weather hits our terrain Starting to look like rain   Now,
Christopher Castle · 1107 days ago

Maybe she said Maybe she went with her headMaybe she went with her heart Maybe she felt lost insteadMaybe she choose a fresh start Hearsay It's a maybeWalked awayNot blaming meDidn't tell meWe were deadMaybe it was What she saidWith no tearsDisappearedRan
Christopher Castle · 1131 days ago

Holier Yeh There are home truthsGood friend should tellIt's not abuse When I wish you wellThe strut in your act Doesn't cut politeYou juggle with factTo wrong from right See you drink too muchNot there to hear woesSo you're down on your luckNow that's how
Christopher Castle · 1208 days ago