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When Jesus Cleared Out The Temple When Jesus cleared out the temple He cast out all that sold there... He overthew the tables of mercandise. He said you have made this a den of theives... Jesus said it is written my house shall be called a house of prayer.
Larry Killam · 2097 days ago

Morning Mist Intro It was the morning mist..... That watered the garden. The garben of Eden ... Before there was rain.... It was the morning mist..... That caused the trees to grow. The tree of good and evil. The tree of knowledge. God created Adam and Eve
Larry Killam · 2245 days ago

Road To EmmausCome with us. On the road to Emmaus.And here the story of Jesus. What happened in Jerusalem.Leading to the Lord's death.And the great things he did there.Come with us.On the road to Emmaus And here the story of Jesus   As two diciples talk a
Larry Killam · 2265 days ago

Bright Morning StarYou are the great I Am...Creator of heaven and earth.My God and my Saviour...You are the great Shepherd.Lord of lords King of kingsMy Master forever.Lover of my soul I need you.Bright morning star.Light of the World.I would be lost witho
Larry Killam · 2298 days ago

I Believe In Ghosts This ghost is like Casper. He is the friendly ghost. He stays with you right til the end. He is the friendly ghost. He is the Holy Ghost. I will worship the Holy Ghost. For He deserves our praise. I Believe In Ghosts I believe in the Ho
Larry Killam · 2304 days ago

It's All About You It's all about you.. That's why He died on the cross. He died for you. He spread out His arms and was nailed on a cross. Because He loved you. It's all about you.. Yes it's all about you.. He sent His only son To died on the cross for yo
Larry Killam · 2315 days ago

Jesus Is My lifeline Jesus is our lifeline. Whenever your down... He is there for you. Jesus is my lifeline. When I'm drowning.. He sends me His lifeline. Jesus is your lifeline. No matter how much you sin. Jesus is your lifeline. When your down and out He
Larry Killam · 2317 days ago