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Only One Way Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Jesus died on the cross For you and for me. There's no other way. Only one way. There's only one way to Heaven. One way to eternal life. For all have sin.. There is a Redeemer. Jesus Christ of Calvary. There's n
Larry Killam · 2306 days ago

I Just Want To Cry Whenever I looked at this World I just want to cry. A muder in Toronto just about everynight, I think I should just lay down and die. Whenever I look at this World I just want to cry It just seems like no one cares or matters Maybe I rat
Larry Killam · 2310 days ago

How Can You Have A Ball When You Got The Blues Now tell me how can you have a ball when you got the blues. Well don't you think there's just too many rules. Tell me where do I find the clues. Don't you realize I already paid my dues. Now tell me how can I
Larry Killam · 2314 days ago

 Blues For Christmas  I don`t need no Blues for Christmas. I don`t need your blue eyes cryin``in the rain. I don`t need no Northern lights given me blue snow. I don`t need no Blues for Christmas. Don`t need no blue lights hanging on the tree. I don`t need
Larry Killam · 2316 days ago