Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

Chorus:   What do you wanna do? I just wanna be with you I can’t let you walk away Don’t want our time to go to waste I just want you in my arms To keep you safe from harm You should never wanna go Our love never gets old  Our love never gets old   Verse 1
Delvonnie Stephens · 1211 days ago

Better Verse 1   Up-tempo set to G Major; despite all the bad about you, she stays by your side, and you are grateful for her true love You know I don’t make a promise I’m no one to lean on at all And that I am a bastard Trying to make us f
Delvonnie Stephens · 1599 days ago

Broken Verse 1   So messed up can’t feel nothing as I’m left with my heart in my hands I wait for my tears to clear but you keep doin’ it again Inside I am so hurt in the middle of this love It’s a hellish kind of love and it’s hurting both of us   Chorus:
Delvonnie Stephens · 1599 days ago

Verse 1 Life is the way that it is There’s no replay No starting over It should be like a VCR You’ll rewind And then start over But there ain’t no roadmaps So don’t get lost Just keep movin’ When it comes to love Cuz when you do something, It can’t be un
Delvonnie Stephens · 1601 days ago