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Da da da da da da da  Da da da da da da da  Da da da da da da da  Oh  Oh  Oh  (Verse) We was goin thru a rough patch  Then We decided to part ways  Broken up like bread  But you still in my head  Had them good sex flashbacks  Damn, I want you back 
Aaron HAWKINS · 458 days ago

Sometimes  This is for all the people out there  Who either falling in love  Or gettin tired of it  (Hook) Sometimes love will break ya heart  An sometimes it'll drive you wild  You may think it'll never happen  But baby the wait is worth the smile   So
Aaron HAWKINS · 476 days ago

Our Wedding Day  (Verse) Today's a special day  I'm about to be given away To the one I adore  An love everyday  After all we been through  Finally I get to tie the knot with you  I'm gettin kinda scared  Am I doin the right thing  I'm bout to share a bo
Aaron HAWKINS · 476 days ago