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Exploitation Is wrong for a Nation I know the Reason You won't see them It's in the Equation From Generation to Generation That I'm proving wrong That I'm proving wrong   You left them out to suffer Told them not to bother   Their fates were in your hands
S.R. Young · 524 days ago

You’re more than collections of reflections of the past You’re more than tales told by histories masks You’re more than mirrored memories You’re more than life and death You’re more than the limits placed on you by society. But you’ll never know You’ll nev
S.R. Young · 524 days ago

It’s said home is where the heart is And my heart is with you Even though it’s black and blue and bruised from a man who does not love you. I keep hopin’ things will change, Thinkin’ that they will And I keep wonderin’ When he’s through with you, will you
S.R. Young · 525 days ago
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