Incomplete Lyrics

i don't like the games you play theyre messing with my mind now and when the sun comes up our dreams crash down, so low (so low) breathing slow, just let me know can you survive tonight (tonight) i've got some bright ideas just waiting here fresh, still in
Desiree' Chacon · 1104 days ago

i can't sew the hope you bring when the unshed tears still sting are you repulsed by the animal that I've become i don't know how to hide its all but won the urges i get, i don't know how to fight the shadows they're always by my side and they like to play
Desiree' Chacon · 1104 days ago

I'm the queen of the clouds cause I'm never coming down I'm so high up here I'm free to fall, I'm free to fly I do what I want each day the sun dies i choose each day the path i make I'm thankful for breathing I'm thankful for my happiness I'm thankful for
Desiree' Chacon · 1104 days ago

I can build on the fire I can walk on the highest wire I can dream so big that you'll believe In just how true they will be I can scream so loud that they can't ignore I won't hide my face anymore
Desiree' Chacon · 1104 days ago