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Why did not the sky ripped out in agony? As it stood a silent witness to your screams. How could the stars glow that night? As the fire in your heart died. Why did not this earth quaver? Why did not the trees fallen down? When you were writhing in pain on
Punya Subedi · 72 days ago

Who is coming there, why is the earth shaking? Why everybody feels heart breaking? Neither she posses arms, nor looks fierce and grim Why everybody gone crazy and scream? ( the rest will be sent on demand only)
Punya Subedi · 72 days ago

While I pray God with his name I mash it with yours. When I meditate with eyes closed God's image turns to yours. The chiming bells in the church  I suppose the music is yours. Even amid the glowing light of vesper lamp I see the face of yours. ( the rest
Punya Subedi · 72 days ago

When you stare the emptiness across the star I am the pain you feel In all the thoughts in your sleepless nights I am the crumbling sigh. ( complete lyrics will be sent on demands only)
Punya Subedi · 72 days ago
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