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[Chorus]I've got bags under my eyes From a few too many sleepless nights My skin's looking pale and greyFrom a few too many sunless daysI've got scars and wounded prideFrom a few too many yielded fightsNow the line I walk it ain't so straight I've had a fe
Kozo Pinkwillow · 664 days ago

"Symphony" [Verse 1]Once again feel like I'm losing the fightI barely got through the day Once again up in the middle of the night Watching the minutes tick away And once againOh I feel like I'm going downI'm feeling lowYeah once again I'm scared I can't t
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1086 days ago

There's burning in my throat But I kinda like it thoughIt burns so good, it burns so good Gonna regret this tomorrow Yeah I should probably go home I know I should, I know I should --- I'll make better choices tomorrow But tonight I'm saying noI ain't goin
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1165 days ago

[Verse 1]Your eyes get hollower and so deep Everytime I see youI can see the lack of sleepEverytime I lay my eyes on youSearch for a sign that you've been happySearch for hope your eyesBut my search it turns up emptyAin't no happiness in sight And I just w
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1195 days ago

[Verse 1] 2AM Writing a letter to myself tonight So many things that I need off my mindSo many things that I know I should writeBut none of the words seem rightNone of the words seem right --- [Pre-Chorus]When the sun goes down the mask comes offAnd my dem
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1219 days ago

Been fake smiling so much I can't tell the difference anymore I've been hiding so much I lose it all behind closed doors I'm alive I know I'm alive But am I living I've been crying so much I'm scared I'll run out of tearsI've been lying so much I have lost
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1351 days ago

[Verse 1] I will admit right now that I don't know what you're going through But when you wake up I promise that I'll be right here for youI promise that I'll be by your side to help you up when you fallNo you won't be alone in this fight I will be here fo
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1436 days ago

[Verse 1] She works the nightsShe fades awayBeneath these lights Her everyday She works the nights Until she breaksLosing the fightTo stay awakeBeneath these lights She works the nights [Hook]Nightmares and daymaresShe's caught up inShe hides them and figh
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1440 days ago

Staying up late at night I guess that ain't no surprise I'm losing the fight To these damn tears in my eyesTo these damn hands That keep on shakingTo this damn heart That just won't stop breaking And to these damn thoughts That get the best of meI guess th
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1508 days ago

---Verse---When your brain is yelling at youAnd you think you're going downWhen your tears are threatening To keep on flowing till you drown ---Chorus---I'll hold your head upUntil you can breathe Darling I'll keep you safeTill you swim away from meI'll ho
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1521 days ago
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