"Christmas Tree" [Verse]Should be a, a happy holidayOr so I hearShouldn't be alone they sayBut I can't stand the Christmas cheerIt's a happy holidayBut I'm in tears Cause if it's so damn greatTell me why you aren't hereWhy aren't you here [Hook]Another tea
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1287 days ago

Eve, you weave your way into a poor man's heart You leave your mark then tear the place apart Oh and I would like to know why Eve, you always leave when you get bored of them But you make sure they'll never love again Yeah I would like to know why --- Why
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1377 days ago

[Verse] She took me by the horns And right there I would've sworn That she'd never set me free She had me in a trance Like I never stood a chance Guess she'll be the death of me Oh yeah I believe That I'll never want to leave --- [Hook] Hey cowgirl won't y
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1378 days ago

[Hook] When you're looking in the mirror I see you When you're afraid you'll dissapear  I see you No it couldn't be more clear and it couldn't be more true Baby don't you know that I see you Baby don't it show that I need you [Verse] When you're afraid yo
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1378 days ago

[Verse 1] I will admit right now that I don't know what you're going through But when you wake up I promise that I'll be right here for youI promise that I'll be by your side to help you up when you fallNo you won't be alone in this fight I will be here fo
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1436 days ago

Staying up late at night I guess that ain't no surprise I'm losing the fight To these damn tears in my eyesTo these damn hands That keep on shakingTo this damn heart That just won't stop breaking And to these damn thoughts That get the best of meI guess th
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1507 days ago

Red drops and red eyesWithin these wallsBreaking inside As these tears fall Fragile and weakWords left unsaidTearstained pillows and cheeksArms tainted red - You're more than thisStuck in this hellStuck on thoughts in your head And words left unsaidYeah y
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1525 days ago

You're a broken beauty In this cruel cruel worldAll it'll ever let you beIs a broken girl You're just a broken girl Having to chooseBetween pride and safety Nothing to lose"No one will ever save me"Nowhere to runNowhere to goYou don't know loveYou don't ha
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1537 days ago

It ain't despite the darkness that I'm drawn to you You make me feel a way only the dark can do It's the madness not the method that I'm looking for It's the fire in those eyes that make me want you more You're like an ocean's push and pull I'll never know
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1731 days ago

Like The Tide [Verse 1] It doesn’t make much sense to me I don’t understand why You pull me in you get to me Just to say goodbye I never seem to understand Even though I try I simply cannot comprehend Why you like to make me cry   [Pre-chorus] You pull me
Kozo Pinkwillow · 1731 days ago