Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

You seem to float around like a ghost And you’re all I hear Ringing out when I need you most But then you disappear I want out of this daydream world Where you’re just too near Clear my head, send me back to bed That’s when you reappear You’re hidden in a
Philip Hollamby · 1827 days ago

Out looking for love when the city sleeps It’s such a shame that our hearts don’t beat the same Mirrors on the ceiling in the lonely bar Talking to strangers when you’re out by yourself again I suppose you regret telling me to leave? Now I won’t wait aroun
Philip Hollamby · 1828 days ago

I was sat by the river when the ocean called And something within me came and took hold Saying: “Where will you come to if you go alone?” This road isn’t easy, but this road is my own   The tide it is stronger than I could have known I just need a light to
Philip Hollamby · 1828 days ago