Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

Verse 1 Another restless night, I can't sleep Same old nightmare There's a road going in, But I can't get through Tossing and turning I see Desolate factories, Faceless windows haunt me Once places so full of life Until they sold us out Until they sold us
Patricia Kigilcim · 1240 days ago

Verse 1 How can we get there, to this beautiful place We're two people, heading in different directions Why are we moving, at such a slow pace When I reach out for you, Why do you falter? So much to do and change Things for the good Remember we said , Toge
Patricia Kigilcim · 1241 days ago

Verse 1 Oh, I bet, she makes you moan with pleasure Gives you what you want, whenever No questions asked Young flesh, Every touch Feels like heaven I hope  you, never, get enough CHORUS Don't remember me,  I won't remember you Don't look back, on the good
Patricia Kigilcim · 1451 days ago

Verse 1 Strange, I never wanted you Strange, seems, I'm stuck with you Strange, I never get enough of you Tell me, what's a girl to do? CHORUS Boy, I hate all you do You push my buttons You exasperate me It drives me cra-azy How you play, play me Boy, I ha
Patricia Kigilcim · 1451 days ago