Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

Let me get over youlet me do what I need to, to be okayJust stay awayJust ignore me for a little whilepretend that my existance isn'twhat is wrong with just pretending things aren't true when they really areCHORUS: Please just tell me you feel nothing even
Nina Morris · 873 days ago

all that i've done where'd i go wrongtell me what's wrong with me help me to see what i can't believehelp me to find a way to save myselffrom my helloh why am I about to cry over this?forget it (spoken)stop while you're aheadi don't need anyone to help mes
Nina Morris · 873 days ago

trying hard to sleepbut there's too much in my mindso many secrets i keepits getting hard to definewhat's reality and what's fantasyohhsome days i spend too much timethinking of pointless thingssome days i find myself dreaming of what the future bringsi've
Nina Morris · 873 days ago

Best friends with benefits, I’ve figured out what we are. You’re with her but always think of me   And I pretend it doesn’t kill me that you can’t decide And I love you too much to leave   I’m sad, angry, confused… in love because of you oooooh ooooh I’m p
Nina Morris · 873 days ago