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Living in the past Didn't know how fast Things for me could change Without her it was strange. Than out of the blue From nothing came you To light my heart on fire And prove my mind a liar. Living here and now Doubt is not allowed For happiness to be In
Mislav Zlomislić · 925 days ago

The cycles of my life are ending, and the time I'm spending, Seeing rich images of you, Is the pain I'm going through. I am waiting for your beauty, In my soul I still feel chained. To the love I have not gained I always have a sense of duty. To heaven I
Mislav Zlomislić · 945 days ago

I can see you in my heart My head is falling apart. Can't tell you how I feel Don't know if this is real. You are the Sun in my eyes I am in a serious disguise Hoping for you to come to me So my heart can be free. In my heart, in my head, I am feeling ve
Mislav Zlomislić · 945 days ago