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A Thousand Miles To Go by David Allen Ruzicka My job keeps me away from home But no matter where I may roam My love for you runs deeper than the roots Beneath the tallest trees At night when I think of you I wonder what else can I do The road's where I
David Ruzicka · 1345 days ago

TWO OF A KIND By David Ruzicka 7/31/2019 youremyheaven62@gmail.com You said I was born dumb and lazy Half of that's true, but I'm not lazy I've been workin' hard to make you happy Both of us know that you're just crazy On saturday night I went too far Si
David Ruzicka · 1345 days ago

Lovestorm by David Ruzicka 5/1/2019 youremyheaven62@gmail.com (402)292-2844 Intro (Tornado Siren going off, followed by Honky-tonk style piano, drums, then guitars) There's a lady at the bar With some lipstick and perfume Don't let her know you're watchin
David Ruzicka · 1345 days ago

Intro I remember how it was When we first met We were both in college I'll never forget I saw you across the hallway at school I was scared to talk, but you made it cool There was electricity in the air I knew it was love right then and there Once in a lif
David Ruzicka · 1501 days ago