Complete Lyrics (Music Needed)

My parents were born just before the starving, Their young eye’s saw a hungry world fill with tears. When it was over, the landlords started carving, A new world filled with sorrow and nightmarish fears. By the time I was born to dear old Ireland, Most of
Carrie Croteau · 159 days ago

  Throughout the years, if you were strong, If you were brave, or spoke against what was wrong. If you were different, if you had long hair, Made people point, or perhaps made them stare, They’d call you a witch and that very day, They'd torture and kill y
Carrie Croteau · 193 days ago

  We were just two kids fresh outta high school, So overcome by love, we were breaking all the rules. And I remember that moment, like it was yesterday; It was late in the springtime, just at the start of May.   You got this look in your big brown eyes, Yo
Carrie Croteau · 329 days ago

    She tries to smooth out his clay features, remembering how he used to feel. All she ever does now, is pray to God that her sculpture were real. They said it would get better with time, But, while waiting for the dawn, she's being robbed of her prime.  
Carrie Croteau · 330 days ago

We were tired and our bodies were sore, We moved on never knowing what was in store. We were breathing heavy, and the sweat clung to our hair, As we moved on steadily, never getting anywhere.   We’d been going like this for hours and dusk had turned to daw
Carrie Croteau · 443 days ago

                   There once was a boy, who truly loved the trees, He’d spend all day out in them, communing with the bees. And everywhere he went, he’d plant a little seed, To grow a big strong oak, where once there was a weed.   Acorns and apples plante
Carrie Croteau · 490 days ago

                       Did you ever see that movie, About the guy, who try as he might, Had to live the same day over and over. Just couldn’t escape his plight.   Well here we are at the end of the world, Armageddon has come at last. But nothings going qui
Carrie Croteau · 499 days ago

Joey finds that words come hard Choking up, he withdrawals his card. He has so many things that he wants to say, But, he says them better when he does it his way. Rocking gently behind his shield, He hopes that the pain will yield. Each string he plucks,
Carrie Croteau · 516 days ago

Maybe I was a little girl, That nobody thought could feel? Maybe I was  a child, that nobody thought was real? Maybe I am  a woman, Whom everyone thinks is strong? Maybe I am still, a little girl, who only thinks she's wrong? But leaves turn many color
Carrie Croteau · 732 days ago

Oscar's standing in the sunlight's glow. Laughing at what? We don't know. And I am trying very hard to see, through the beautiful eyes of Oscar Magee. I need to reach the little boy at the door. But I don't speak the language of angels anymore. He doesn't
Carrie Croteau · 732 days ago