Complete Song (Music + Lyrics)

We each are a bubbleOf consciousnessIn a vast conscious universeWe each are a sparkleOf intelligenceIn an infinite ocean of thoughtWe each are a momentOf eternityWithout end or beginningWe each are a temple of divinityYour eyes are the windowsYour heart is
Ashkenah Martyn Parish · 1972 days ago

We're in the midst ofThis great mysteryWith every stepWe're making historyWith every breathI am listeningWith every hearbeatWitnessing As galaxies collide and burnAll so we can live and learnI pray we don't makeAny more wrong turnsI hope we live and learnA
Ashkenah Martyn Parish · 1972 days ago

Those who seek powerAre not to be trustedThose who spread fearAre not to be heardThose who speak hateAre not to be followedThose who make warMay not rule this worldThere is a messageOld as time itselfThat tells of two pathsThat lie within yourselfOne leads
Ashkenah Martyn Parish · 1972 days ago

If we want peaceWe have to make itWe can't just fake it.In ourself, then in the worldCome on! Let's create it If we want to liveWe have to seeThat everyone is sacredEvery mountain and raindrop,Every leaf of every tree,Nothing vacantConsciousness in every t
Ashkenah Martyn Parish · 1972 days ago