Complete Song (Music + Lyrics)

Verse/ I caught a cat and when she smiles back Well I think that I am out of control I caught a cat, with eyes like the summer And a beauty I never thought I'd know Yet so far away Don't worry kitty, I'll wait Verse/ My little kitty, when she isn't with m
Anthony Pompilii · 1116 days ago

Verse/ Here you go again Saying that you need another friend You're saying this could be the end You're saying I'm a prick Well I don't know what I did Maybe I cared just a little bit, too much And you could not reciprocate My affection So wipe that stupid
Anthony Pompilii · 1116 days ago

Verse/ She wore her heart on her sleeve That's why I knew just how to break it She told me "baby won't you smile please" Well I guess one last time I can fake it I forced my smile from cheek to cheek Buy one more crack and I won't make it She thinks it's l
Anthony Pompilii · 1116 days ago

Verse/ She doesn't know this, but I have a memory of her Lying in her room, and I feel ashamed but at least I know Pre-Chorus What I'm looking for What I've been living for What I'm dying for Chorus/ She takes My breath away and I can't sleep for days Sh
Anthony Pompilii · 1117 days ago